The Big Caper - What the audience said

One lady told us The Big Caper at Wallingford Bunkfest (2006) made her laugh for the first time in months. Her story was a moving one. The Bunkfest organisers were delighted. The following comments appeared afterwards on the internet:

"The Big Caper was fantastic… an hour-long spectacle. I didn't want to stop watching . There were traditional bits combined with comic bits, including horses, coconuts and broom dances all intertwined into each other and in my opinion linked very well. Festival organisers - I think you are missing something without this event." Rebecca Woodward, on the Morris Dance Discussion List

"Premier League Cotswold morris, adapted for stage but without too much tampering with the format, plus humour. The two sides complement each other perfectly and the links were brilliant. I can see festival organisers queuing up for this one." Jenny Howard, on the Morris Dance Discussion List

The show also got a rave review on the weblog of Barry Goodman, former member of The Outside Capering Crew:
"Highlight of the Festival for us was The Big Caper, featuring The Outside Capering Crew and Berkshire Bedlam… The show contained all the high-energy showmanship associated with the Capering Crew, and the very best of BB's highly imaginative, breathtaking dance creations. Seen in a performance setting such as this, the sheer spectacle of Morris and the way it can be developed into an engaging, joyous, even riveting spectacle is plain for anyone to see." Read the full blog here.