Review: The History of Morris Dancing, 1458-1750 26 December 2000
John Forrest's prodigious work has been hailed as a monumental achievement. But JEREMY H KESSLER has sounded a note of caution in The American Morris Newsletter.

The woman with the silver bracelets 22 August 2000
"Keep dancing," said the anxious woman as the drums grew louder. "Please, you must keep dancing." JANET DOWLING relates the powerful tale of an encounter in London, 20 years ago.

Still happy after 25 years 19 April 2000
The 25th annual Day of Dance in the north Oxfordshire village of Adderbury takes place on Saturday, 29 April, 2000. To mark the occasion, we publish a slightly-amended version of an article that first appeared in 1997, in Banbury Fare magazine.

My years with the Bard basher: actor tells all 17 April 2000
Will Kemp's jig? That's nothing: the actor Chris Harris has spent nearly 25 years on the road with Shakespeare's rebellious clown, and shows no sign of stopping. In fact, he's working on a book about his long-running one-man play, Kemp's Jig. Visit our Recycling Depot to read Cameron Robertson's report from The Stage newspaper.

Gay Blades Strut the Schtick
Janet Dowling tells it straight about New England's gay-lesbian rapper side. First published in The Nut.

So who was Mary Neal anyway?
JANET DOWLING recounts the story of Mary Neal, the woman who really started the morris revival, only to fall foul of Cecil Sharp. First published in the Morris Federation Newsletter

Book review: Sword Dancing in Europe: A History, by Steve Corrsin
By Allen Dodson. From The American Morris Newsletter.

Mixing it up: a dozen years of Deer Creek through one member's eyes
By Alan Winston. From The American Morris Newsletter.

Top Ten Ways to Maintain Team Longevity
By Steve Galey. From The American Morris Newsletter.

Mumming in the New Year in Philadelphia
By Will Quale. "A few months ago, Bill Quern asked at practice if the side wanted to be in the Mummers' Parade this year. I was definitely interested, and several others were possibly interested, but Rik, our musician, was going to be out of state visiting family for New Year's...."

The man who made it all possible
If it wasn't for the antiquarian Percy Manning, the meeting that sparked the worldwide revival of morris dancing would almost certainly not have taken place. Inspired by the centenary of that event, JOHN MAHER has dug out an article he wrote in 1972, recalling Manning's role in re-forming the Headington Quarry side in the late 1890s.

Who Follows Whom? Part 1
Who Follows Whom? Part 2
Jan Elliott's 2 part article from the American Morris Newsletter addressing both general performance issues and some of the practical elements involved in bringing movement and music together.

Ex-president of all she surveys….
Janet Dowling is setting down as leader of the Morris Federation, but her work's not finished yet. She's conducting two surveys, on the average age of morris dancers, and various foolish things.

President's epilogue as Janet says farewell
Janet Dowling's comments in the Morris Federation Newsletter, as she steps down to make way for her successor

Laud of the dance
Writer STEPHEN BISCOE meets a Craven flag-cracker. As originally published in The Yorkshire Post on 2 October, 1999.

William Kimber: a night to remember
From Morris Matters, Summer 1999: Recollections and observations from the launch party for the CD 'Absolutely Classic: The Music Of William Kimber'

The joy of sessions
… and other observations made by SIMON PIPE in a column for Morris Matters magazine, July 1998.