Pace-eggers break out of their shell 27 April 2001
The tradition of pace-egging is enjoying a resurgence of interest, with growing audiences being whisked up for this year's performances of the popular folk drama. DR EDDIE CASS of the National Centre for English Cultural Tradition at Sheffield has been taking stock.

Lines! of April 2001 updated 26 April 2001
Tutti Frutti, Adderbury Tune Up, Millionaire Dave's constant brilliance; Lords and Ladies, Bending over Backwards in the name of entertainment, after a hairy moment for the pink press pack

Glam morris - and they never fluff their lines 6 April 2001
Monaco Morris Dancers are looking for new members, writes our errant columnist, BANBURY BILL. Nothing new in that, but hang on - Monaco? Will they pay for the flights? Do they keep the bag in Zurich?

Lines! of 26 December 2000
Beardies, holding hands and jigging beween the covers.

Lines! of 14 November 2000
Something fishy in Nottingham & something grating in Oxford

When it's autumn in Helsinki.... 13 November 2000
Well, we've done springtime (back in the spring, in case you missed our Scandinavian correspondent's first article). Now TONY SHAW updates The Donkey on morris life on the outer fringes of the Cotswolds. Surely a case of stretching the borders of border morris...

Antics with Antlers: Abbots Bromley, 2000 15 September 2000
In which BANBURY BILL roams around the Staffordshire countryside, and is confronted by strange figures with outsized horns

Lines! of 22 August 2000
Derty Videos, 14 year old girls, tight trousered rockers, little fairies and ripping off skirts...

Diary of a Kemp follower 2 August 2000
JULIE McKENZIE of Golden Star Morris in Norwich has sent the Donkey the first "official" account of this year's Nine Daies Morris - re-enacting Will Kemp's famous dance from London to Norwich 400 years ago. And yes, now she comes to mention it, it didn't take nine days....

The wooden horse of Ilmington 9 July 2000
The hobby horse created for the legendary Sam Bennett is still trotting out with the Ilmington Morris. SIMON PIPE tells stories of old Sam

Lines! Of 27 April, 2000
Guardian, Carry On Kemping; Goodness - more cultural stereotyping; BANBURY BILL sees the flipside of Thrale's Rapper, investigates the star of the Heartbeat TV series, and ponders the "best" Cotswold dance.

Adderbury: story of a village revival 27 April 2000
The morris dances of Adderbury have been among the most-widely performed around the world since the early days of the 20th century. But it wasn't until 1975 that the tradition was revived on its home territory, in the north of Oxfordshire. STEPHEN WASS, musician with Adderbury Morris Men, has been reviewing events over the past 25 years.

When it's springtime in Helsinki... 18 April 2000
From our Scandinavia correspondent (yes, we really have one): even Englishmen aren't entirely sure what to make of morris dancing - it crops up everytime someone tries to analyse the national character. But as TONY SHAW writes, it's become a part of Helsinki tradition.

In the footsteps of Kemp - press release 14 April 2000
The organisers of the Nine Daies Wonder re-enactment - planned between April 15 and 22 - have issued a press release

Will the real Phil Wilson please not stand down? 30 March 2000
The new chief executive at the English Folk Dance & Song Society is a multi-instrumentalist reformed morris dancer who's been known to wear silly hats and carry a handbag in public. He also has a penchant for practical jokes - or was that his twin brother?

Lines! of 22 March, 2000
In Florida, they don't make hobby horses, they catch 'em. But as BANBURY BILL reports, they're also for sale on the web. Plus The Outside Cantering Crew, pink morris and the Adder with a sting.

Bring on the fools! 12 March 2000
Ranter's Corner: a despairing SIMON PIPE inflates his bladder and gives character-less dance teams a good whack on the backside. Readers are welcome to respond...

How young rapper snappers got their big break... 1 March 2000
A longsword dance to Brubek's "Take Five" and two snapped swords for a set of teen rappers.... WILL QUALE reports on the Half Moon Sword Ale in New York.

Lines! of 19 February 2000
Donkey columnist Banbury Bill tackles a new Fezheads competition, checks out Asda's dancing chief executive, and reports that the party's just beginning for the new-style Morris Fed.

The Member of Parliament for Colchester Morris Men 18 January 2000
SIMON PIPE talks to the MP who's paid tribute to the morris in a House of Commons motion.

Lines! of 23rd December 1999
Banbury Bill toasts the Champagne Morris set, "touches base" with the new Federation secretary, and ponders the degenerate art of panto-mumming.

Lines! of 1st December 1999
Musings on Kimber's dancing descendant, the Marshfield Paperboys, and a burst of creativity for the year 2000.