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Kimber CD is an absolute sell-out

Absolutely Classic, the William Kimber CD launched last year by the English Folk Dance & Song Society, has been a sell-out success. A second printing has been made to meet demand.

The CD, compiled to celebrate the centenary of Cecil Sharp's meeting with the legendary Headington Quarry morris musician, features archive recordings and an exhaustively researched booklet, written by Derek Schofield.

The EFDSS web site now has a selection from the reviews of the work.

EFDSS William Kimber - a night to remember

Clog-maker Trefor Owen has been forced to move his business, as he tells The Donkey in a postscript to our report on the morris team that won a lottery grant for new costumes. We wrote:

Lottery foots the bill for clogs

Great North Clog Morris have bought ten pairs of hand-made clogs after landing a 3,500 award from the National Lottery, according to the Northern Echo.

The paper say the Darlington-based team will now be "clogging up the miles" after taking delivery of the clogs from Trefor Owen in Horbury, West Yorkshire. The side, formed two years ago, has also bought new costumes.

To which Trefor replies:

"I hasten to add that the 3,500 was not all taken up on the 10 pairs of clogs! I cannot think I could get that much for 10 prs of clogs. Ah! If only! The clog element of the grant was a mere 7th of the total, so what the kit (reasonably straight forward type of stuff) cost I have no comment on!

"And a slight aside, yes I'm terribly backlogged with work as I've had slipped disc problems, my mother has been in hospital with kidney problems and the landlord evicted us from our shop in January.

"The new shop address is The Old Grammar School, 33A Tithebarn Street, Horbury, West Yorkshire - just round the corner from the old place. Telephone and fax remain the same as does e-mail.

"Carpe clogium, as some would say - Trefor."

Green men in monochrome

The Royal National Theatre on London's South Bank has a current exhibition featuring morris dancers, burning snowmen, straw bears and foliage-covered green men, reports Big Issue magazine.

The black-and-white photographs by Carlos Guarita document "strange and celebratory seasonal festivals throughout Europe".

The exhibition runs until April 29 in the Lyttleton Exhibition Foyer, from Monday to Saturday, 10am-11pm. Admission is free: telephone 020 7452 3333 for details.

The Donkey would welcome comments from anyone who's seen this exhibition. E-mail

2000 Simon Pipe, Mark Rogers, The Outside Capering Crew

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