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Fezheads seek spit personalities

All dance teams and individuals are invited to attend the highly bizarre International Fig & Date Fayre on 31 March, 2001.... but be advised: the invitation comes with a warning that it's not an event for the feint-hearted...

The Fabulous Fezheads are organising the event in conjunction with music Krime Enterprises Inc, at The Barley Mow in West Horsley, Surrey.

As Usual (says the invitation), the Fig & Date is a Free Event. It's focussed on four main events, with the Fabulous Fezheads Music Krime Dept attempting to provide entertainment for Saturday Night.

In addition The Barley Mow has arranged for a Jazz Band for the Friday Night and a real ale festival for the Sunday.

The programme runs as follows:

12.30 pm The Fig & Date Fayre officially opens with the presentation of this years Figs & Dates.

Traditional singing of Fig & Date song, followed by dance performances from invited guests and an afternoon folk music session lead by the 'Colonel' George Gaddafi (any teams wishing to perform should seek out Father Ken, Fig & Date dance coordinator on the day).

2.00 pm Games Commence:

Eye of the Camel - each team nominates two champions to spit date stones through the eye of a camel. Each champion has three dates per round. This event is run as an eliminator with increasing spitting distances.

Fig and Spoon race - relay teams of six, in classic Fig & Date tradition.

Fig Roulette - up to two champions per team are required to subject themselves to 'Fig or Die'. The roulette wheel is spun with the winner being given the choice of retirement or a tasty chillyfig to stay in the game. Chillyfig must be eaten to stay in - increasing chillyfigs per round - last man standing wins!

Belly Dance competition - open to all-comers - judging by Experts.

5.30 pm Results, followed by the presentation of various prizes and the Famous 'Blind Ned Cleggett' Memorial Trophy to the Fig & Date Champions for the year 2001 !

The Fayre finishes with A Night With The Fezheads by the Music Krime Dept.

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