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John projects village music

John Adams will talk about the Village Music Project - which covers some of the areas associated with traditional dance - at a special event in Sussex, UK, on 29 April, 2000.

It's taking place at the Royal Oak folk club in Station Street, Lewes. Organiser Vic Smith has sent the following news release:

We are running a special event on the Saturday afternoon of 29th April from 1.30 - 5.00 pm and are very pleased to be able to welcome John Adams to talk about the Village Music Project and to introduce us to some of the tunes.

John Adams of the University of Salford is involved in a massive and fascinating project to uncover and publish English dance tunes from a great variety of manuscript and early published sources.

The work is leading him to make some interesting and unexpected conclusions about the sources and nature of the music that was danced to in towns and villages in England over the last three centuries. The work is gradually being made freely and readily available by being "rough published" on the Internet.

John will be outlining the approach and the work in the first part of the afternoon and then there will be an opportunity to play through a varied selection of a few of the thousands of tunes that he has uncovered. Bring your instruments to join in and play this glorious music; fiddles, recorders, clarinets, flutes, concertinas, melodeons, whistles, whatever. All are welcome. Music will be provided. Mary Humphreys' very skilful piano playing will accompany the melody instruments.

The format of the afternoon will be the talk (roughly 1.30-3.00pm) followed by a short interval and then the tunes until 5pm.

If you would like to find out more about John's work before coming to the event then you can read the article in the March 2000 edition of fROOTS magazine on John Adams, or visit the Village Music Project web site.

Contact Vic and Tina Smith in Lewes, UK, on 01273 478124.

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