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Papers wanted for pipe and tabor symposium

A call has been made for papers on the pipe and tabor, for an international symposium on the traditional morris instrument. It's being held at Blackfriars Priory in Gloucester on 9 June, 2000.

Steve Rowley writes:

The Symposium forms the centre piece to the International Pipe and Tabor Festival which runs from 7th - 11th June. The festival will include performances, workshops, masterclasses, a tour and exhibition of important English pipes, and also an exhibition (market) of current instrument makers.

Submissions should seek to inform, illustrate or advance knowledge of the pipe and tabor, its history, origins, current situation, and future.

All forms of the Pipe and Tabor are of interest, around the world - Whittle & Dub, Galoubet et Tambour, Flauta y Tambor, Eenhandsfluit en Trom, Chiflo y Salterio, Gaita y Tamboril Flutet, Txistu, etc.

The symposium language will be English, but translation from other languages may be available. Submissions should include a summary in English.

Submissions are sought in the following categories:

Research papers - New findings, original work.

Commentary - Observations on the development or spread of the Pipe &


Demonstrations - Practical illustrations of new findings or understandings.

State of the Pipe - Demonstrations of new Pipe & Tabor developments.

Forum - Short papers to inspire debate.

Poster presentations - any aspect of the Pipe & Tabor.

We would encourage speakers to illustrate their submissions with performance.

We can organise a temporary exhibition at Gloucester Museum to house any artefacts that you wish to bring for demonstration.

Deadline for submissions: April 7th 2000.

It is intended that the papers will be published by The Taborers Society later in the year.

Submissions should be sent to Stephen Rowley, The Gloucester International Pipe & Tabor Symposium, Tanronen, Lurks Lane, Pitchcombe, Stroud, ENGLAND GL6 6LL

Tel/Fax: 01453-763181 International Tel/Fax: +44 1453 763181



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