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Press raises a glass to Kemp's merry company

The Eastern Daily Press has praised the six dancers and musicians who re-enacted Will Kemp's famous jig from London to Norwich at the weekend - along with all the teams that supported them. In a leader item under the headline, Merry Dance, it cited the feat as proof that the English truly cherish their heritage.

The paper said:

On St George's Day, as many of us pondered the essence of Englishness, some woke with hangovers. One was recovering after being bandaged (if not plastered) in Casualty . . .

The six Morris dancers and two musicians who revived jester Will Kemp's 1600 jig from London to Norwich prove that we English have an energetic and creative affection for our heritage.

Less a reprise of the original marathon than a tribute in the form of a rhythmic relay, the merry dance helped lift us into the new millennium.

2000 Eastern Daily Press, Simon Pipe, Mark Rogers, The Outside Capering Crew

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