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Shakespeare's Revenge

or Over The Hills and Far Away

The Kemps 400 year celebration re-enactment from London to Norwich which took place last year was great fun and successful.

According to his boast Will Kemp went on to dance over the Alps. He didn't record undertaking this attempt with a diary such as his "Nine Daies Wonder" so it is doubted that he was serious but he was certainly seen in Europe shortly after he completed his dance to Norwich.

It is planned to celebrate Morris Dancing once again and those members of the Eight Days Wonder who are enthusiastic to continue Kemp's foot steps and to dance over the Alps are inviting other Morris folk to join them.

The event will take place in the last two weeks of August 2002. Dancers, musicians and marshals who feel they can complete at least 9 days continuous dancing are welcome to attend a training session as a taster on Sunder 22 April 2001. The aim of this day of dance will be to undertake a Guinness Book of Records attempt and dance 26 miles. The day will start at 8.00 am at Kemp's church wall in Norwich.

After 26 miles you should be able to judge whether you will be happy and able to attempt the Alps. Further group training sessions will be planned throughout the year for all those who will be taking part. A tip to get into training now - brisk walking is the best exercise of all. Rub surgical spirits into your feet to toughen them up.

A film crew will also accompany us on all our training and eventually do a documentary over the Alps.

If you are interested, contact Julie on 01508 470851
or write to Julie McKenzie, 1 Joy Avenue, Newton Flotman, Norwich, Norfolk, NR15 1RD

2001 Simon Pipe, Mark Rogers, The Outside Capering Crew

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