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Step forward for new competition

Competitors are wanted for a new step dancing competition being organised at Moreton village day in Essex, with prizes in memory of dancer and musician Steve Monk.

Organiser Steve DeLarre has sent the following:

Wanted: victims, er, competitors for the first step dancing competitioin to be held during the Moreton village day festivities. The competition will be held on Sunday 18 June 2000.

Competitors will be competing for the Steve Monk Memorial Tankard, and will also recieve other, as yet unspecified, prizes. Steve Monk, who tragically died recently was himself an accomplished and enthusiastic step dancer, as well as a first class melodion player and singer. It seems only fitting that this event should acknowledge Steves contribution to all things folk and in some small way repay the pleasure he bought to so many who had the oppurtunity of being entertained by him.

While mainly for East-Anglian and Dartmoor Stepping, the competition will be freestyle in character; there must be limits on time, tunes and so on, but things will be kept pretty informal.

The competition forms part of a larger weekend of events inculding massed morris displays, barn dances and pub sessions. There is free camping in the village for competitors and no entrance fee for the step dance event. But we still need more competitors to make it worthwhile, so please get in touch with me.

It is not important at what level you dance, or even if you have never competed before: we have never put on an event like this so you will be in good company!

Ring Steve DeLarre on 01277 890519 or e-mail at

Moreton village lies about 2.5 miles north-west of Ongar in darkest Essex.

2000 Simon Pipe, Mark Rogers, The Outside Capering Crew

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