The Big Caper

"Better than the Walloons!"*

Two of the most accomplished English morris dance teams combine in a single company for large events and festivals, in the UK and overseas.

The Big Caper was developed by The Outside Capering Crew and Berkshire Bedlam Morris as an hour-long show at the Ka-Dans Festival in Torhout, Belgium, and given its UK premiere at Wallingford Bunkfest in September 2006. It features new material, including comic business, as well as the best dances from the teams' established repertoire.
Berkshire Bedlam Morris (founded 1977) has won a popular following at UK folk festivals for its musical artistry and vigorous team dances in the Cotswold style. The side's repertoire includes stick throwing, a coconut dance, and a recreation of the ancient Matachins sword dance.

The Outside Capering Crew (1996) adds to the variety of the show, with exhilarating squeezebox music, athletic Cotswold Morris jigs, broom dances, comic hand-clapping and novelty dances, and complex jigs over crossed pipes - like the Scottish sword dance, but fast and furious.

Both teams present the morris as a living tradition, with very high standards and a strong sense of fun.

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* Actually, I thought the Walloons referred to were pretty good. Ed.